All deliveries of products must comply in all respects with the applicable laws and regulations of the location where they are manufactured and the location to which they are shipped, and where they are used.

The supplier must have systems in place to ensure food safety. Food safety means the absence of unacceptable (micro)biological, chemical and physical hazards and undeclared allergens.
Packaging materials that are in direct contact with food must be fit for purpose. Packaging material must be approved for food in accordance with EU legislation on materials intended to comply with food. There is a declaration of conformity (document of compliance) and associated migration test related to the intended use of the product.
The packaging material shall not transfer substances to the food in such quantities as to make the food dangerous to human health or to alter the composition, smell or taste of the food in an unacceptable manner.
Any unwanted contamination and damage to the product during storage and distribution must be prevented. Product safety and quality must be maintained during loading and transport, and products must be stored and transported under the right conditions, such as temperature or humidity.

Transport vehicles need to:
be cleaned accordingly
be free from strong odours that may cause deterioration of products
be in a safe condition to prevent damage to products during transport
be equipped to ensure that all temperature requirements or other necessary conditions can be maintained during transport.
You must carefully and in accordance with legally applicable requirements provide the products with the correct labelling and provide them with a lot code/batch number.
As a customer, you must carefully inform us about the potential dangers and risks of the raw materials, products and materials supplied by you.
Products with a quality mark must meet the applicable requirements of the relevant quality mark.
Wooden pallets with bags must have a protective layer of cardboard between bags and pallets.
Raw materials or products may not be treated with ionizing radiation.
The products supplied are not produced from GMO and do not contain ingredients produced with GMO.
The shelf life of the delivered products must be substantiated and assessed.
Management systems