High Density Power Distribution
The Switched CDU’s combine remote configuration and management
with power distribution and power and environmental monitoring.
Reboot a single or dual-power server with one command. Receive
SNMP or email based alerts when power or environmental conditions
exceed thresholds. Assign users specific access rights to designated
outlets or groups.

Only the Switched CDU products provide the flexibility needed for all
data centers and remote sites, including power requirements for
high-amp, high voltage; UL 60950-1 branch circuit protection; SSL &
SSH security; and SNMP-based input current monitoring.

Additional Benefits:
Branch Circuit Protection
The Sentry CDU Family meets the UL 60950-1 requirement
for Branch Circuit Protections
> UL-489 rated circuit breakers

Input Current Monitoring
Exclusive True RMS current monitoring is critical to
preventing overloads in high-density computing
environments. LED digital displays on the CDU enclosure
report the input current of each phase or branch circuit.

Temperature and Humidity
The Switched CDU supports two external 10’ (3m) probes.
Each of these probes measure both temperature and
humidity. Receive SNMP-based alerts or email notifications
when conditions exceed defined thresholds.